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Main Roles

Gyeongsangbukdo Creative Content Agency

The GCCA will enhance the viability of the cultural content industry of Gyeongsangbukdo through the commercialization of content based on local figures, history, and tales.

Supporting content production
- Supporting the production and commercialization of the animation of Kwon Jung-saeng's fairytale
- Supporting the production of Gyeongsangbukdo-based webtoons
- Supporting the vitalization of the film and video industry
- Supporting location scouting for film and TV drama production
Supporting content distribution and marketing
- Gyeongsangbukdo Cultural Content Contest
- Project for supporting local story labs
- E-sports events sponsored by the Gyeongsangbukdo Governor
Supporting business start-ups and incubation
- Content Korea Lab Gyeongbuk
- One-person start-up support center
- Gyeongbuk Star tourism venture nurturing project
- Gyeongbuk copyright service center
Creating infrastructure for the culture industry and providing information
- Culture content business support project
- Creation and operation of a webtoon lab
- Gyeongbuk cultural content policy forum
- Support for the production of convergent content
- Revitalization of the cultural industry with a focus on international robot animations
- Five Senses Content Promotion Center