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Thank you for visiting the official website of the Gyeongsangbukdo Creative Content Agency (GCCA).
The GCCA is committed to creating a happier Gyeongsangbukdo(North Gyeongsang Province, or Gyeongbuk) by transforming its cultural resources into various types of content.

We are striving to establish the GCCA as a new growth engine in the province by developing cultural content while fighting against the harsh realities that it faces today, such as a declining local population.

We will create our own local content ecosystem by integrating ICT with the cultural and natural resources of 23 cities and counties in the province. In particular, we will develop customized cultural content for each area under the slogan of “One City, One Key Content.”

We will help realize the vision of “The New Wind of a Happy Gyeongbuk” as proclaimed by the 7th popular-elected Gyeongsangbukdo Administration by promoting the cultural content industry based on the management philosophy of “On-site, Future, and Human First.”

The GCCA will create and promote the creation of human-centered content. No matter what platform it is used on, no matter what technology it is combined with, we will make sure that the human aspect will never be neglected.

In addition, we will also focus on helping our residents to enjoy the luxury of their free time with cultural content.

We humbly ask for your continuous support and encouragement toward the GCCA.

Sincerely, Gyeongsangbukdo Creative Content Agency